Název OP: Socrates Comenius – aktivita 1

Název oblasti podpory: Multilaterální spolupráce škol

Referenční číslo projektu: COM-MP-2007-139

Realizátor projektu: EKO Gymnázium Poděbrady, Česká republika

Doba realizace projektu: září 2006 – červen 2008

Partnerské instituce:

  • EKO Gymnázium Poděbrady, Česká republika
  • Bernstorff Gymnasium Satrup, Schleswig – Holstein, Germany
  • Lycee Privée Mixte D´Enseignement Géneral et Technique , Le Longeron, France
  • Forssan yhteislyseo - Finsko

Pozice: koordinátor projektu

Téma: Water Is Life


Popis projektu:

The aim of the project „Water Is Life“ was not only to introduce the particular countries to one another and show what they are characteristic and known for , but also to realise how important role the water occupies in the human society and to what degree we depend on it.
All the tasks were succesfully fulfilled without serious problems and their results were continuously sent to all the partner schools in an electronic form as well as by post.
There were 9 activities realised by the Comenius team.

  • Introduction and film making: Students introduced their school and its surroundings in a short film. Then they created identification cards with their photograph, personal information and contact. All the students exchanged the cards and got to know one another. After that they could make contacts and discuss the project work via e-mail.
  • Making a survey: Students distributed, interpreted and analysed more than 120 questionnaires connected with the consumption of water in households (filled in mainly by family members and relatives). Students were finding out some information about drinking routine of inhabitants, consumption of water per person in a house or a flat during a day or how to reduce water wasting. Together with the detailed questionnaire students interviewed the inhabitants of Poděbrady ( without consideration to sex, age, education, residence etc.) The results were presented in forms of graphs, charts and illustrations in posters created by students in their art lessons.
  • Making a presentation of the Czech Republic with consideration to water. Students characterized the country as a country of ponds. There was a text explaining simply the historical development of pond industry, personalities connected and the description of the biggest Czech pond. The text was accompanied with painting pictures with landscapes along the ponds.
  • Preparing a board game. The rules of the game were set during the project meeting at the beginning of the school year. The task for students was to think up sets of questions on different topics (biology, geography, English vocabulary, science and technology) The questions were connected with their own country and region (for the Czechs it was Eastern Europe, French – Western Europe, German – central Europe, Finnish – Northern Europe) and also with the topic of water. The game was played at the same time by all the schools – 9 May from 13,00. Then there was a chat where the students could discuss about playing the game.
  • Reports. During the school year school reports about working on the project were regularly written and sent to all the co-operating schools.